Events and awards


From its very first year of operation, the ALCCIC has been organising and coordinating various awards aimed at recognising, highlighting and motivating current awards best practices in business, leadership and exports.

Currently relevant ALCCIC awards:

Lithuanian Export Prize. The competition Lithuanian Export Prize is aimed at developing and encouraging the export of the products and services of the Lithuanian companies, recognising the best export practices and breakthroughs.

Work Star. The Work Star award was first presented in 1939. It is the highest award of the Lithuanian commerce, industry and crafts chambers.
The award is granted to acknowledge the merits of business leaders (individuals), seeking to encourage working for Lithuania and the welfare of its people. The award is granted in three degrees – gold, silver and bronze.

Work Star Medal. The Work Star Medal award was established to honour and recognise the staff of the regional chamber members, deserving profession leaders and other individuals, recognising their long lasting and high-standard work, high professional achievements, professional ethics, high standards for personal accountability, willingness to continuously improve their qualifications and knowledge, their personal contribution to the development of a company or organisation.

Female Lithuanian Entrepreneur/Leader of the Year prize. The ALCCIC recognises the exceptional initiative and active participation of the Lithuanian businesswomen and female company leaders. Seeking to encourage women’s entrepreneurship and in line with the norms of the international business community, including the business ethics. By organising the annual Female Lithuanian Entrepreneur/Leader of the Year competition, the ALCCIC is seeking to highlight the trends in this process.

Badge of gratitude. The Badge of Gratitude was established in order to single out and encourage the individuals working across the entire Lithuanian commerce, industry and crafts chamber system, recognising their long lasting and high-standard work, as well as the chamber staff or other individuals who are supporting, promoting or otherwise actively participating in the chambers’ activities.