The ALCCIC presidium is a collegial management organ of the association, which is elected for a term of four years. As per the bylaws of the ALCCIC, the presidium is chaired by the association’s president.

The presidium passes decisions on strategic questions pertaining to the association’s activities, presenting a joint opinion in the name of the association.

The Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts’ presidium is comprised of the association’s president, the presidents and directors of individual chambers.

Currently, the ALCCIC presidium is comprised of:

Currently, the ALCCIC presidium is comprised of:


Acting President
Sigitas Gailiūnas


President of the Kaunas CCIC
Zigmantas Dargevičius

Director General of the Kaunas CCIC
Olga Grigienė


President of the Klaipėda CCIC
Vladas Pleskovas

Director General of the Klaipėda CCIC
Viktoras Krolis


President of the Šiauliai CCIC
Vytis Lembutis

Director General of the Šiauliai CCIC
Alfredas Jonuška


President of the Panevėžys CCIC
Sigitas Gailiūnas

Director General of the Panevėžys
Visvaldas Matkevičius