Our transparency principles

In its participation in the country’s legislative process, expressing its position on economic regulation and defending it in state governance institutions, the Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts declares the principles of transparency, openness, respect to others’ opinions and understanding of other social groups’ opinions.

Transparency. This means the formation of a collective, not individual opinion, and its representation, where possible recognising the opinions of experts and all our members. Our positions on key questions are approved at the chambers’ management organs – the board and presidium. Our most significant documents and positions are uploaded to our website.

Openness. This means that we express our opinion and arguments openly, informing not only the state institution which the arguments are aimed at but also our partner organisations, social partners and the public.

Respect and understanding of others’ opinions. This means that we recognise and listen to the arguments, opinions and positions of other public groups and social partners (trade unions, workgroups and etc.). We firmly believe that in the process of legislating, quality pieces of legislature are born upon considering all opinions and balancing the interests of various groups of the society.


The following are the chambers’ legislative proposals.

Lithuanian commerce, industry and crafts chamber representation register

The following is a list of representatives delegated by the chambers to Lithuanian institutional working groups, commissions or committees.